Job Vacancy Announcement
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POSITION Area Promotional Representative (APR)
DEPARTMENT Office of the Senior Vice President for Operations
  • Part-Time (1-10 hours weekly)
  • Part-Time during EPE 25th Anniversary Cruise

  • New York, NY (1)
  • Atlanta, GA (1)
  • Houston, TX (1)
  • Chicago, IL (1)
  • Los Angeles, CA (1)
  • Miami, FL (1)
APPLICATION DEADLINE May 19, 2024 or Until Filled
PREREQUISITES Must have planned or had a key role in planning the operations of a LGBTQ major/special event. The ability to multi-task and work in a high pace environment is a must. The candidate must also possess strong oral communication skills. Commitment and dedication to the mission and success of EPE is a priority.

Candidate is not required to live in the city they are applying to be Area Promotional Representative. The candidate must be familiar with the city applied for and must reside within a 50-mile radius of the city applying for.

COMPENSATION There is no cash compensation for this position. Compensation is:

  • FREE All-Access Pass for the EPE 25th Anniversary Cruise ($300 Value)
  • Five Percent (5%) Discount Off Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) Individual Expense
  • One Percent (1%) for Additional CCL Discount for Every new Guest Cabin
MAJOR DUTIES Area Promotional Representative duties include (but not limited to):

  • Fully and Actively Promote the EPE 25th Anniversary Cruise
  • Conduct Routine Outreach in Area with Promotional Materials
  • Become a Co-Host on All EPE Social Media for EPE 25th Anniversary Cruise
  • Repost All EPE Social Media
  • Send A Weekly Social Media Post about the EPE 25th Anniversary Cruise
  • Host One (1) Major Promotional Event/Reception in the Area
  • Collect 100 (New to EPE) Consensual Email addresses for Promotions