25 FAQs

25th Anniversary Cruise
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most questions can be answered by reading the Statement of Understanding

1) Your cruise booked through EPE Travel, 2) Your Anniversary Pass, 3) Pre-Cruise Hotel: OPTIONAL, 4) Transportation to/from Miami, Florida, 5) Cash for personal expenses and souvenirs. The bill you will receive from EPE will cover your cruise and Anniversary Pass. You will be responsible for direct booking of your Miami Pre-Cruise hotel using EPE booking instructions and you must book your own transportation to Miami, Florida.
Yes. After guests pay their deposit, they must make a minimum monthly payment based on their occupancy type. Fifty percent (50%) of your cruise must be paid by the designated time and the final payment date for cruise portion is July 12, 2024.
The cost of the EPE Anniversary Pass covers the cost of operations, administration, promotions, staff and entertainers’ travel, entertainers’ compensation, staff and entertainers’ hotel and cruise lodging, staff compensation, t-shirts, gift bags, souvenirs, meeting and event space, food and beverage, entertainment showcases, transportation, and specialized activities. To see a list of the activities go to...
If you register and do not have a cabin mate, Ebony Pyramid will pair you with another guest that does not have a cabin mate. EPE will attempt to pair you with someone of the same sex, but if it is not possible, you may be paired with someone of the opposite sex. If you register after the booking has been completed, you must attempt to find your own cabin mate as it becomes more difficult, but not impossible, at this time.
Ebony Pyramid Entertainment is not responsible and should not be held responsible to ensure that a guest-chosen room/cabin mate(s) makes their payments or meets other obligations. If guest’s room/cabin mate(s) fails to make all payments and is cancelled, guests will not and cannot hold EPE liable. If a cabin mate(s) has not registered and paid with their selected cabin mate, EPE has the right to assign cabin mate(s) to fulfill the cabin’s initial request. EPE may assign a replacement cabin mate at random. This does not guarantee that the selection will be of the same sex. EPE is bound by an agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) to fill the cabins with the initial request of the registrant. If a guest does not like the arrangement of being paired at random, they may request a cancellation, but cancellation procedures will apply. If the guest does not choose a cabin mate(s) at the time of the registration, EPE is authorized to assign the guest a cabin mate(s). If after a guest has been randomly paired with a cabin mate and the guest later identifies a cabin mate of their choice, the guest must pay a fee to change the listing to add the cabin mate of choice. These options may not be available within 30 days of the sailing.
It is recommended that guests arrive to Miami at least the day prior to the cruise to avoid potential flight delays that could cause you to miss the ship's departure. It is for this reason EPE created the Pre-Cruise with activities.
The cancellation policy is clearly outlined for guests in the Statement of Understanding.
Guests will receive an automatic confirmation once they complete their registration and submitted a deposit. Guests will receive periodic statements for payment and paid in full. Guests will also be able to access their statements.
Yes, but you will pay a higher price than pass holders and you will have to pay for each event separately.
EPE does not book flight or have an official airline. EPE has learned over the years that guests usually find better offers through airline benefits or third party online booking sites.
If you are flying into Miami or Ft. Lauderdale for the Pre-Cruise, we recommend you take an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or car service to the host hotel. If you are arriving on the day of the cruise,, check the airport information desk or look for Carnival Cruise Lines agents directing you to the CCL Shuttle Buses. If there is no agent, then you will need to take an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or car service directly to the port. If you are driving in on the day(s) of the Pre-Cruise, go to the hotel and pay for parking. If it is the day of cruise departure, go to the port and park in the garage.
Casual attire is usually the order of the day, both onboard and ashore. For dinner onboard the ship, it's recommended you have a dark suit for formal attire. Also, pack your wardrobe based on the themes of EPE.
No. Most transactions on the ship are done using your Sail & Sign Card provided to you upon check in. Guests will be required to link a credit card or provide cash to their card to cover expenses.
Yes. Guests drinks will be charged to their Sail & Sign Card. If you would like to purchase a Drink Package for "Unlimited" (read rules) drinks, visit Carnival Drink Packages page. You can select from the Bottomless Bubbles or Cheers! Drink Package. There is a daily cost for each package. The Cheers Drink Package is currently $59.95 (plus tax) daily and each guest in the cabin must select it. The Bottomless Bubbles is $6.95 for children and $9.50 for adults (plus tax) per day.
Yes. The ship has an infirmary that is manned by doctors and nurses who are on call around the clock. The infirmary staff will assist you and provide medical attention during your cruise, including dispensing prescriptions should the need arise. There is a fee for the doctor's visit, as well as for any prescription drugs.
Guests may be able to purchase transfers on the ship to carry them from the Port of Miami after the cruise to the Miami International Airport (MIA) or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). If you are staying local, you can take a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or car service to points within Miami.
EPE will identify a post-cruise hotel(s) for guests to choose from.
This is to cover the expense of using a live agent. The information provided on your registration form is the same information you would be asked if you speak with one of our travel agents. If you would like to book with a live agent for a $25 fee, you must ensure you have completed this registration form completely and submitted your deposit.