Customer Use

iT Mall
Customer Use Policy


This Customer Use Policy (CUP) sets the policy for Customers use on the iT Mall. The iT Mall is an online retail outlet and marketplace that allows Vendors to lease online space (virtual kiosk) to sell products, services, and events. The iT Mall specializes in products and services provided by companies, individuals, and allies of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Community.

The iT Mall is a subsidiary of Ebony Pyramid Entertainment, 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003.


Listing of a Vendor’s products, services, and events on the iT Mall is not an endorsement of those items by the iT Mall. In addition to non-endorsement of Vendors products, services, and event, the iT Mall does not guarantee the description of the product, service, or event.

iT Mall Access

While using the iT Mall as a Customer, you agree not to:

  • make unauthorized purchases and agree you are the authorize user of payment method;
  • post inappropriate or non-factual reviews;
  • reverse payment without just cause;

iT Mall reserves the right to cancel a Customer’s iT Mall account. If a Customer erroneously reverse a payment to a Vendor or fail the Vendor in any negative manner, that Customer will be placed on the Customer Alert List (CAL) and provided to all Vendors. It will be the Vendor’s decision to confirm the purchase or refund the payment.


Customers must pay the listed price (which includes the shipping expense). There is no negotiation or haggle method for changing a product price. Negotiation is only allowed for services. Products should be received within 7 days of purchase or advised within 7 days the actual delivery date. If the Customer does not receive their product or notice of delivery within 7 days of payment, the Customer may file a complaint with the iT Mall.

Request for refunds or product issues should be discussed directly with the Vendor. Customer will receive Vendor’s contact information, once a purchase is made.


Customers agree not to hold the iT Mall, its associations, staff, or affiliates liable for any claims, including legal fees, against Vendors and or their products or services.

Legal Affairs

If Customer does not receive their purchased product and all methods to do so with the Vendor has failed, the Customer may contact their credit card company and challenge the charge and have the payment reversed. If the Customer choose to take legal actions, they may do so at their own discretion and expense.

Amendments and Updates

For any issue not covered in this policy, the iT Mall reserves the right to address the issue and update the policy. This policy is also subject to change and Customers are responsible to review the iT Mall website for any update and changes.