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Mall Lease Agreement


This Mall Lease Agreement (MLA) sets policy for Vendors (individuals selling products or services) leasing online retail, booking, or event space on the iT Mall. This is an agreement between the Vendor and Ebony Pyramid Entertainment, 611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 235, Washington, DC 20003, dba “iT Mall”.

Endorsement and Service

Listing Vendors products or services on the iT Mall is not an endorsement of said products or services by the iT Mall. The Vendor holds all rights, responsibilities, and liabilities for their products sold or services rendered. The iT Mall’s agreement to the Vendor is to provide an outlet for the Vendor to promote its products or services for sale or compensation.

Vendors Requirements

As a Vendor with the iT Mall, Vendors:

  • certifies they have the right to sale its product or service and it does not violate copyright, trademark, or patent laws;
  • will not be allowed to sell illegal products or services;
  • must provide an accurate description of their product and/or service;
  • must not provide false, inaccurate, or deceptive product or service;
  • is not allowed to list contact information in its description (such as email address, phone numbers, or website);
  • must provide their product or response to Customers within 7 (seven) days of purchase or request;
  • failure to provide product or response to Customers may cause Vendor to be listed on the Violation Registry, for up to two years, removal from the iT Mall, or reversal of funds paid to Vendor;
  • will not manipulate similar products or services by posting or encouraging others to post negative comments or ratings;


If a Vendor fails to provide a product or service within the required time, they may be removed from the iT Mall and placed on the Violation Registry for up to two years. The Violation Registry will list the name of the company or individual. Complaints by Customers may also cause a Vendor to be placed on the Violations Registry. During a Vendor’s review, its product or service will be suspended from the iT Mall. If a Customer alleges a complaint or violation, the iT Mall will provide the name of the Company or Individual to the Customer for remedy.

Violation Registry

The Violations Registry will be updated on a weekly basis. The registry will list the name of the Company or Individual, along with the product/service, reason for the violation, and the date of expiration from the registry. The iT Mall has the sole discretion for the amount of time the Vendor will remain on the registry. Once on the registry, the Vendor can write a Request For Appeal and request removal or limit the time. The appeal will be reviewed by a three-panel board, consisting of an iT Mall official and two iT Mall Vendors.

While a Company or Individual is listed on the registry for notice, suspension, or removal, it will affect all products and services listed by the Company or Individual.

Product and Service Payment

iT Mall will not act as a third party for collection of funds for products or services. Vendors must provide the iT Mall with a link/html code to its payment account (such as Pay Pal) for its product. This will allow the Vendor’s funds to be applied directly to their account and provide immediate notice of a purchase. The Vendor’s price must include shipping expense, in addition to the product price. Vendor may break down the price in the description.

For Individuals providing a service, they can negotiate amount and method of payment.

Customer Relations

It is the Vendors responsibility to service Customers once a payment has been made or a Request For Proposal (RFP) made. Inquiries after a purchase, request for refund or exchange must be conducted by the Vendor. The iT Mall will not provide facilitation between the Vendor and the Customer, only contact information. If the Vendor sends a product and the Customer reverse their payment or the Customer fails to pay for a service, the Vendor may request the Customer be placed on the Customer Alert List (CAL). The CAL is provided to all Vendors on a periodic basis to help them decide if they will confirm a purchase. If the Vendor decides not to honor a purchase from a Customer, the Vendor must refund the payment and send a note to the Customer stating why their purchase request is not being honored.


Vendors agree not to hold the iT Mall, its associations, staff, or affiliates harmless for any claims, including legal fees, made by any third party arising out of a breach of this agreement, its product or service, and/or its actions.

Legal Affairs

If either party (iT Mall or Vendor) feels that this agreement has been violated, then that party may file a claim against the opposing party.  All claims filed against the iT Mall can only be filed in Washington, DC. iT Mall may file a claim against the Vendor in Washington, DC or the Vendor’s home of record, according to application.


Vendors may cancel their lease at any time. No refunds will be provided to Vendors for early cancellation. The iT Mall reserves the right to cancel Vendors for violations of this agreement or based on Customer complaints. The iT Mall will not cancel Vendors without due cause. If the iT Mall cancels a Vendor, the Vendor may submit a written Request For Appeal for review by an appeal board.

Amendments and Updates

For any issue not covered in this agreement, the iT Mall reserves the right to address the issue and update the MLA. This agreement is also subject to change and Vendors are responsible to review the iT Mall website for any changes.