20th Anniversary Pass

20th Anniversary
Anniversary Pass

The EPE Anniversary Pass covers amenities and activities offered by Ebony Pyramid Entertainment. The EPE Anniversary Pass is required to participate in all EPE activities and to receive EPE amenities. Pass is Non-Refundable. 

20th Anniversary Pass
(Past EPE Guests)
(October 7 – 11, 2019)
Priority EPE Event Check-In  |  Gift Bags  |  Commemorative T-Shirt  |  White Attire Welcoming Reception  |  Key West Party & Production  |  Guest Talent Show  |  EPE Dance Party  |  Cuba Excursion  |  Theme Parties  |  EPE Entertainment Productions  |  TESTIFY! Gospel Service  |  Guests Awards  |  EPE Farewell Ceremony
(OPTIONAL – October 6, 2019)
20th Anniversary Celebration Opening Reception  $45
Shuttle Service from Host Hotel (South Beach) to Port of Miami  $12

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A processing fee will be added to pass purchase. Rates will increase monthly or if a significant activity or amenity is added. The cost of the EPE Anniversary Pass covers the cost of operations, administration, promotions, entertainers’ travel, entertainers’ compensation, entertainers’ hotel lodging, staff hotel lodging, staff compensation, t-shirts, gift bags, souvenirs, resort meeting space, food and beverage, entertainment showcases, transportation, and specialized activities.

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